The Lounge

About 1985, my wife and I began attending a Christian Church. Sometime after that my wife was talking to a young woman in our lounge. The girl was having a hard time in life and my wife was advising her and praying with her. I was taking no part in this; in fact I was sitting about 15 feet away doing a crossword. I felt it necessary to look up at them. I immediately saw an angel standing over them. I knew it was an Angel because I had "The knowledge" immediately. There was no voice but I knew in my mind I had to tell them something. I spoke to the young woman calling by name and telling her what I was told, "THERE IS AN ANGEL WATCHING OVER YOU, HE IS A POWERFUL ANGEL AND TURNS HIS BACK ON SATAN'

My eyes were filled with tears, I did not feel afraid in any way but felt a joyful peace. The Angel was standing through a round wooden table that we had at the time. He was a tall powerfully built man, about 6ft. 6in tall; he appeared to be in his mid sixties in earthly years. I could only see part of his face because he was facing my wife and the young woman. He had gray/white hair thinning on top. He appeared to be wearing a dark business type suit. The young woman was greatly encouraged and is now married to another Christian; she has three children and still attending Church. I keep hoping to see another Angel, I don't know if I have or not, I'm not aware of doing so. But there are definitely Angels out there.