Heavenly Rejoicing

In 1982, following a crisis in which we experienced God's love in a very real way, all nine members of my family (parents and seven children - mostly teenagers and young adults) surrendered their lives to God, individually, over a period of several weeks.

I notice what the bible has to say about this: "I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent." (Luke 15:7)

In our house that week there was not one, but nine repentant sinners. We experienced a bit of heaven in our family at that time, and the heavenly rejoicing in our home was heard by my Mum. At the time, both my Mum and myself were working nightshift, and while the rest of the family were out, we slept.

The event in question occurred within a week of the final member of our family surrendering her life to the Lord. I wrote to describe the event to a relative in May 1982. I am delighted for the opportunity to share this with others, and in the hope that this may give encouragement to others to surrender to the Lord and trust him, I append the words I wrote at the time...

"... Mum works on nightshift, and one afternoon during the following week she woke up to the sound of beautiful music in the house. She lay listening for a while. She could hear voices praising God, and singing songs of praise, and instruments. She knew everyone was out at school or work, and the only "logical" explanation she could think of was that I was up playing my guitar and singing, even though it didn't sound quite like me!

As she got out of bed, the music stopped, and she could hear nothing but an intense peace over the whole house – not even street noises… She went into my room to tell me that I ought to be sleeping – as I work nightshift also, and to tell me off for waking her up. She was very surprised therefore, to find me deeply asleep. She checked the whole house, but there was no-one home, so she went back to bed bewildered. As her head touched the pillow, she heard the music again. She was now quite annoyed as she thought I was kidding her on, singing and playing guitar, then pretending to be asleep when she came into my room.

She decided to tiptoe silently to my room to take me by surprise. As she left the bed, the music stopped again, and the deep peace settled over the house once more. She sneaked up to the bedroom door and burst into my room, fully expecting to see me sitting with the guitar on my lap. Imagine her surprise at finding me sleeping peacefully, not even stirred by the noise of her bursting into my room!

She decided not to tell anyone about the incident, thinking that we would all think she was crazy… It was over a week later when we were talking about angels that she understood for the first time, and realised what she had heard. We felt really privileged that the Lord had blessed us in this way, and praised Him for it…"

When I let my Mum read this before sending this to you, she said, "That about sums it up. I can only remember but I do hope I will hear that sound again someday. Its all but a lovely memory."