This is an unforgetable experience which happened to me when I was 12 years old. I attended greek school twice a week - Wednesdays and Fridays. Greek school would finish at 5.30 and as it was not far from home so I would walk home. It was a Friday afternoon and I was coming home from greek school my friend Kathy who lived nearby. As we were walking home I glanced behind only to notice that a man was following us. I told Kathy who said she did not think so, I had my doubts however so I told her we needed to walk faster to get away.

Another glance confirmed that he indeed was following us so we started to run. We looked back again only confirmed that he was keeping up with us so we stopped just where we were to see what this man would do. He briefly paused and then crossed the road and entered a little convenience store. Both Kathy and I gave of sigh of relief but then only to notice that he had pushed is face into the glass peering out onto the street we were on. At this I asked Kathy if her parents were home to make sure that she was not on her on - she assured me they were and assuming that my mother was at home waiting for me, we both started to run home as fast as possible. As I lived around the corner from Kathy we passed her house first and she run into the house leaving me to continue on to my parents house which as not very far away.

I got home and knocked on the front door as I did not have my keys with me that day. There was no-one home and knowing that my mother was not too far away, as she liked to be home before i came home from greek school, I knew it would be a short wait. So I sat on the front door step and waited for her to come home, my head leaning against the front door with my knees up waiting.

As I waited there, I heard a sharp urgent whisper in my left ear saying 'WATCH OUT!" This absolutely shocked me knowing that no-one was home... I jumped up and ran to the other end of the porch which had a large tree obscuring it from porch from the street. As I cowered there crying I noticed the man who was following us earlier walking down the middle of the street looking into the front of each house as he was walking, looking for me.... He eventually disappeared up the road and I stayed hidden till my mother came home. We immediately contacted the police and the next day informed the local schools of the incident. If it was not for that voice, this man would have found me like a sitting duck.

Its only as I grew older that I have understood that an angel was definately watching over me....