No Ordinary Woman

What I am about to tell you was a traumatic and glorious experience that happened to my children and myself.

One early afternoon my husband called me and asked me to bring him money for lunch. He forgot to take it that morning. It was summertime, so my two children were in the car with me. The way to my husband's work is through a country road that curves quite a bit. As we were driving I could feel the wheel sort of pulling to the left. I figured when I got to my husband I would tell him about it.

Before I knew it, I heard a bang and then I lost control. The car hit a large tree stump, and was suddenly balancing on two wheels. I didn't know what to do. Then the car was on the roof, and we were sliding down the street. (they told us later that we slid 50 feet.) When we stopped I kicked open the door and got the children out. We were sitting there in shock, when out of nowhere appeared an older woman, walking from her car that was parked way down the street.

She immediately asked if we were OK, and went to the children and hugged them. I remember thinking how beautiful and peaceful this woman was. She had the most gorgeous blue eyes that I have ever seen! She said she had called 911 from her car and that they were on the way. (All the while she continued to comfort my children)

Another car pulled up on my left, and that woman was coming toward me, offering her cell phone, so I could call my husband. I thanked her and called him. When I turned back to my right, ready to thank the other woman, SHE WAS GONE! She was gone and her car down the street was gone. I asked the children if they saw her leave and they both said no.

The rescue vehicles were starting to show up. I asked if anyone had seen this wonderful woman, and no one had. I knew I wasn't hallucinating, because both of my children described her the same way as I had seen her.

I know now that this was no ordinary woman. She was an Angel, who came to us in our time of need. Thank you, GOD, for sending me an angel!!!

Wendy B.