The Keys

I suffer from a chronic illness and winter before last it was very cold and I felt so cold and was unable to sleep well, which is common for me. I was also in a lot of pain and feeling really badly, wondering if God really cared about me. I prayed until I finally fell asleep only to wake up a few moments later wrapped in the wings of an angel. I could not see her face. I could only see her wings holding me and when I stretched out my arm, she stretched out her wing.

I had no fear, but I was very excited. I wish that I could describe how the wings were so that you could see them in your mind. I will try. They were not covered in feathers but in a crystal like substance with hundreds of facets filled with very light colored light. They were fluid with movement yet felt very strong. They were absolutely beautiful and completely other worldly.

I was thrilled. The angel stayed with me until I fell asleep again. Later the next morning she appeared again just for a few moments in the same way. She appeared to me one more time. I'm wondering if she is my Guardian Angel. I believe that faith and prayer are the keys to these wonderful blessings that God send us.