Guard the Soul

I was born a clairvoyant and many have come to me for assistance over the years. It was one of these times when a friend rang to say her daughter had been in a terrible car accident and they didn't know if she would survive. My friend then asked me to come to the ICU ward and tell her what I saw. A beautiful Angel was standing behind her. It was very tall and what amazed me was the colour. It was a pale blue all over including face and hair. I had imagined, if I ever saw one, that they would be white with golden hair.

Telepathically I asked why he was with my friend's daughter and was told that they guard the soul of the person while the body repairs itself. I also asked would she survive as the doctors weren't hopeful. I was told she would survive and go on to have a long life.

She did recover and went on with her very busy life.

Gail Turner