Thank God for this website!

I am a full time college student, a wife, the mother of three beautiful God-given children, and a house manager at a local indigent detox facility. I have had numerous angelic encounters throughout my life. One recent encounter saved my entire family from what I was convinced was certain death. We were traveling down a local two-lane farm-to-market road (FM1585) in our 1995 Ford Escort on our way home. There are no stop signs for the FM1585 traffic for several miles and the speed limit is 70mph.

Suddenly, a landscaping truck and trailer pulled out from a side street right in front of me! There was oncoming traffic and something in the trouble lane to where I could not swerve to miss him. I braked, knowing that if I could slow down, I may be able to swerve at the last minute, or at least minimize the damage when we hit him.

The moments before impact seemed to last an eternity.....I had time to pray for the safety of my three children, who were eating ice cream in the back-seat. I was convinced that I saw death coming for my family on the back of that trailer. I checked the speedometer right before impact, we had slowed to 55mph. An impact at 55mph is usually highly injurious at the very least, and often fatal. (My prayer that I formerly mentioned consisted of "Sweet Jesus, save my babies!") I felt myself brace for impact.

The accident took place on the highway right in front of an RN's home!(miracle!) The RN came running out of her home, over to our car and had my children out of the car, giving them a roadside checkup before I could even open my car door. I hadn't even had time to call 911!! The RN assured me that my children, aside from being very frightened, were all okay. My husband in the passenger seat, rarely wore a seat belt at that point in time, but had put it on that day for some unknown reason. He was fine. I had whip lash which resulted in excruciating headaches, but thanks be to God, I still managed to make the Dean's list that semester at school. I found a wonderful chiropractor and am today pain free.

The hood of the car had buckled and it was about six inches from the windshield. It SHOULD have shattered the windshield, at that speed. The car stalled and wouldn't start again, which may have prevented a post-collision fire. The car was totaled, to say the least.

I know how deadly a high-speed impact can be and the only way I can explain the fact that my family walked away from that one that night is that God has special angels on reserve for his children in their time of need. I also know that my Savior has a special fondness for children. Even though I did not see the angels who were sent to save my family that day, I know they were there. There is no satisfactory scientific explanation for why my children were unharmed, why my family survived. The only reason why I had whip lash is because I tensed up rather than trusting completely in God that He would answer my prayer and save my family.

I hope this isn't too long.....I'm used to writing ten-page research papers. If any one is interested in further discussing angelic experiences, especially answers to prayer, with me, I have included my email link. Thank you to the host of this site for providing a medium for sharing our experiences. God bless every reader.

With Love in Christ Jesus,
Tammy, Lubbock, TX