The Warning Fog

It was a foggy morning and the lady was on her way to work. The car's windows were all fog up and even though she cleaned them, they would just fogged up again. There wasn't much traffic in the area so she decided to go on with the windows fogged up. As she approached the stop signed she slowed down and carefully looked both ways. The fog was too thick to be able to see too far and the foggy window did not help. No one was coming as far as she could see, and this intersection had never been a busy one anyway. As the lady steps on the gas peddle and the vehicle starts rolling forward, suddenly she sees a large palm of a hand, white and translucent, as if it was made of fog itself but emanating a soft glow of light and motioning to stop. Without thought, and as if acting by someone other then herself, the lady pressed the brake, stopping the vehicle. A second later a little truck whizzes by in front of her car. Was that my guardian Angle or hers? (The Truck driver was another lady)

Thank you, God for her Angel and mine.

Written by: Fran Cama
A true story