All You Ask For

I was in heaven alive (we are all dead on earth) almost a decade ago 4 hrs 18 minutes after Christ in female form came in many shapes as an angel to help me see thru God's eyes was told "all you ask for you shall receive) and I do.

I see auras and your past present, future as you allow it glorifying God heal own body cast out demons see us being ruptured with earth splitting soon etc. changed my name to Zion and so on - am hungry for my real home but strong willed red blood.

I choose to stay here to help humanity ..and God is male with emotions of a woman crying so hard. I never met Christ on the other side as I became that same passion love unconditional Christ reflects or became one with that power which feels like an orgasm forever exploding a ball of fire?

I have no words that do not cheapen coming alive in a second ...why is God crying?

God misses us too much it hurts God when we choose to dive back down for more hellish blows upside the head.

He gave us free will to do whatever and cannot will not ever manipulate us to choose good or evil.

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marie saffire harmony Zion

Immature we choose to return here