Miracle Puppy

My father was my hero, he was born in 1922 and grew up in a large family in Nashville, Tennessee. He went on to serve in the Army Air Corps Air Transport Command flying supplies to the Chinese during WWII, doing his part to save the world. He married my mother while attending Peabody College in Nashville, where they taught 30 years each in Metro Davidson County/ Nashville,Tennessee. 6 years before he died, he told me that when he died, that we should replace him with a 'little black dog" rather than another man. Since there is noone who could take his place, I made a note of that conversation. Well, his last Christmas was 2003, and I asked my mother, if she were to get another dog, what would it be like. She described in detail exactly what she wanted in another dog. Well, her and my father are very devout Christians, and I guess someone was listening to both of them.

At that time, I was living in Nashville, them in South Georgia, and I took in a roommate, who I met through an aquaintance. Well, a month after he moved in, he met a girl in the line at the Grocery Store and they started dating, well, a month after that, she came home and found a little black lab puppy sitting in her fenced in yard (5 feet high with no gate or entrance), just wagging his tail. This girl couldn't keep the dog, and my roommate brought him home against my will. I attempted to find him a home in Nashville, no luck..Finally, I put him in the car and drove him to their house in South Georgia. My mother was apprehensive because we have an older female who was 10 at the time. And we thought that they might not get along.

When he got here, he knew everything about the house, where everything was and slept with my older female like she was his mother. And, by the way, they have exactly the same markings, looks, and strangest of all, the same odd habits and mannerisms. So I know where this dog came from, The lord heard my mother, created him with his own hands and delivered him to that back yard that night. I know how he knew everything about my home and our family also, my fathers brother had died 10 years before, and he loved and trained dogs.

Peace be with you