Vision From God

My daughter Kate died from a brain tumour just before her 9th birthday. We tried desperately to save her life for 7mths, but she died on Sunday morning the 8th of Jan 2006. I was asked by one of the nurses if I would like some time alone with her. I remember thinking what do I do I was numb, so I just pulled up a chair next to her and just looked at her beautiful face. Then I had a vision, Id never had one before and it was as clear as a movie. I saw Kate walking with Jesus he was on the left and her on the right they were holding hands walking forwards they were looking at each other and Kate seemed a little taller than before she became sick and all signs of her illness were gone they were wearing long sleave tops and pants like a really comfortable loose cotton fabric. they were walking towards mist, but with a lovely feeling. There was no sound but an intense feeling came over me Kate was saying something like, oh so your Jesus smiling at him with her bold and sweet nature. Jesus was absolutely thrilled to meet her and I felt a love I had never felt before, a perfect love that she would be forever cared for in the most perfect loving way. the vision also left me with a different thought of Jesus I had always seen pictures and art of Jesus, but never remembered seeing him smiling in them.

The Jesus I saw in my vision was so different he looked the same but he was smiling and happy and chatty and full of fun and life with a great sense of humour. When I see pictures of Jesus now I think he looks so sad and not like the Jesus I saw in my vision. I have not had another vision since Kate's death but I have been through complete moments of lose, darkness and utter despair. When I think I cant, no way go on, then I remember my vision and see that beautiful scene of Kate and Jesus and I know she's safe and having fun in heaven and that one day I will see her again. so many times I have needed that vision and I believe God gave it to me because he knew I would need it to help me through, I feel Kate with me every day she' gives me strength and courage, she is our angel.