Not Afraid to Die

My daughter passed away March 10, 2005, she had cervical cancer, and had gotten a blood infection, and she was in the hospital at the U of M in Minnesota for a week before she died. On Tuesday afternoon March 8th, the doctors said there wasn't anything more they could do for her, but make her comfortable. She said she already new, because there were 4 angels in her room, all day, one on her left sitting in the chair, 2 at the foot of her bed and one sitting beside her on the bed. She wasn't afraid to die. I have never seen so much faith in my lifetime. It was amazing; she never once shed a tear when they told her she wasn't going to make it. Her mind was clear right up until the end. She left behind three wonderful children, who miss her very much, and a husband who misses her, a sister who misses her a lot. Her father and I also. She passed away 1:30 a.m. Thurs. March 10. Her faith was very strong. She believed in angels and God.

Myra Luedke