Danger of Moose

Last summer, myself, my husband and 6 of our friends decided to take a trip together to Montreal. There were 4 of us that drove in my car, 1 who got a flight up, and 3 who came up from Ontario to meet us. We stayed for 4 days and had a great time.

On the way back we had an extra person in the car, and 5 grown adults in a civic driving 22 hours straight can get very cramped. We took turns drivng as there were a few people in the car who had their license.

As we were driving (I was driving) through New Brunswick on the Trans Canada Highway at around 1 am or so, I was getting VERY tired. My friend offered to drive for a bit. I agreed, and he took over. I couldn't sleep though; he was making me very nervous with his speed which kept creeping up to 140-160 k/hr, and the fact that there were 5 people in this small car, and it was dark and drizzling. I repeatedly asked him to slow down which he would for a couple of minutes, then be speeding again!

I was so fed up and angry after asking about 10 times that I was praying to God in my head, saying "That's it! I'm not asking anymore!! Maybe we'll get into an accident and he'll learn his lesson!!! I'm not asking 1 more time!" Before I had even finished what I was thinking to God, I had this urge I could NOT control; (in fact I was annoyed that I was even saying it again and couldn't control it) I blurted out "Slow down NOW!! you have to Stop!! NOW!!" ..just 2 seconds after I yelled out and he slowed wayyy down, there was a huge moose in the middle of our lane at least 7-8 feet tall. (the Trans Canada highway in NB is known for the danger of moose; there have been many fatal accidents).

It was just standing there looking at the car as we came to a stop in front of it. I was flabbergasted. None of us had seen it until we were in front of it. We would have all been killed if we hit something so big. I was shaking uncontrollably. I didn't tell anyone in the car what had just happened. I thanked God for the rest of the trip over and over. My friend didn't speed much after that.