Playing The Music Boxes

October 1 1996

Tonight, on October 1, 1996, Mom kept her promise to me! My husband, his friend and I were sitting on Mom's side of the house after eating dinner. We had been over there at least an hour, when suddenly one of Mom's music boxes began to slowly turn, playing four notes softly and faintly. We all stopped talking and looked at the music box, which had been dormant for over 8 years! I saw Mom's LEFT HAND slowly turning it, then her body clothed in an ivory satin gown, her face: shining eyes filled with love (no pain) peaceful countenance. She looked at the music box WISTFULLY, then reached out her RIGHT HAND to me, as if to touch my shoulder in comfort, and vanished!

She wasn't flesh and bones, nor was she transparent. She was more like a heavy mist, a foglike consistency. Her hair was brown, softly curled, shoulder length. She didn't wear glasses now. Her fingers were straight, elongated, smooth, silky. The wistfulness I saw made me realize that she MISSES ME! Which means she KNOWS, she REMEMBERS, and she DIDN'T FORGET ME!! Very opaque appearance. I figure if Mom had actually touched me, I would have died right then too! This all happened in about 3 seconds! Incredibly, my own husband saw Mom’s hand too!!

I remember asking Mom before she died to send me some kind of signal by SOUND first, if she could, and later on, in a dream, vision or visitation. Something she could think of that would be so obvious to me that it was unique to her!! She loved music boxes.I hated them. I wouldn’t allow them to be played in our house, so that's why they just sat on the shelves for a total of 14 years!! This "SIGNAL" was really obvious, the sound was slow, faint, peaceful.

There were only four notes played. I SENSED her first before SEEING her. Just like after Mom lost her vision, she told me she could SENSE me even when she couldn't SEE me!! I felt strangely comforted for just those few seconds. But I thought how can this possibly be enough to undo all that I've watched for nearly 4 years?!! I would have doubted my own eyes, if my own husband hadn't seen Mom's hand moving the music box!

Our friend didn't see Mom, but he did hear and see the music box turning from across the room where we had been sitting for 1 hours!!


I wrote "WATCHING" as a result of this exact experience, which won an award with the International Assn of Poetry in 1997.

© 1998 Dorothy Womack

October 6, 1996

Today I turned 44 years old. The elderly neighbor, Mom's best friend, had stopped by for a short visit. We are using Mom's side now for visitors, as it is much tidier and presentable. So I went in the kitchen to get the lady something to drink. When I came back in, the same music box played 4 little notes, then stopped!! The lady wasn't a bit surprised. She said, "That's the sign, isn't it? It's comforting to know your mother's still nearby." Neither of us saw Mom, but we BOTH sensed her presence! She's come twice now, both times in front of witnesses who both happened to be good friends to her while she was in her body.


After sharing this with a friend, who told me it was just "my energy" moving the music box, I decided to check it out. I sat on Mom's side and ordered that same music box to move for over 2 hours. NOTHING HAPPENED, of course, except I felt like the village idiot for doing it!!

October 30, 1996

After being told about "my energy" making the music box play, or that I had seen some kind of "apparition", another event occurred! The bather who used to take care of Mom's physical care, stopped by for a short visit. As we sat and talked across the room from the music boxes, we had been talking for almost 2 hours when the SAME music box began to play its 4 little notes!! She looked at me, and said That's the sign, isn't it? Neither of us saw Mom, but we BOTH sensed her presence again. We both heard and saw the music box turning and playing!! The bather had remembered Mom making me that promise before she died. And when she dropped by, Mom played the music box for her!! My husband and I really examined this music box.
We shook it, jiggled it, moved it, examined it. NEVER DID IT PLAY!! NOT EVEN ONE TIME!! I have such a strong sense of peace when the music box plays. How I wish I could see Mom turning it again, but I know her SPIRIT is there, briefly, to let me know I am NOT alone!!

© 1998 Dorothy Womack

November 23 1996

Saturday, my friend whose mother died on the same day as Mom, dropped by for a visit. She stayed for over 2 hours and we sat on Mom's side as usual. While she was here, the music box played its 4 little notes!! She said, "That's the sign, isn't it?". Seems everybody who had ever known us knew Mom had promised me a sign of some kind. So it wasn't a surprise, even though it was! She began to cry, said she wished she had that kind of assurance about her own mother!!

So this makes it the 3rd, 4th, 7th and 11th weeks that this music box has played those four notes!! When it happens, there is always someone sitting here who knew about the sign I asked Mom or They are someone Mom was involved with intimately in some way. Someone who showed they cared about her. There is just no logical, obvious way I could make that music box turn!! It doesn't play when other people come here, and we have had a BUNCH since Mom died come by to pay their respects!!

Only these four people, plus me and my husband, have been actual witnesses to this. You can't "preset" a music box, like you do an alarm clock and it "go off" by itself!! You have to wind up a music box, then it plays right then, not 2 hours later!! And it plays more than 4 notes at once too!! Everytime this has happened, I was either across the room sitting quietly or out of the room completely!! – My poem “Watching” is here.

© 1998 Dorothy Womack or


Author of : ALZHEIMER's ANGELS, ISBN 0-595-24550-1

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