Stroked My Arms

On April 22,1987, at 11:35 my father passed away after a 7 month very painful battle with lung cancer. I knew for 13 days when he was going to die. My mother, sister and I were getting ready to go back to the hospital when my brother called to say that dad was gone. This was my first experience of someone close to me dying and i was devistated, especially since this was also my birthday.

After going to the hospital, we went back to my mother's house and there were a lot of people there and it was rather noisey. I could not stand the noise so I went up to my mother's bedroom and got into bed. I folded the covers down and layed my arms on each side of me. I was just lying there when the warmest and softest hands stroked my arms from my elbows to my wrists. I was rather frightened, then it did it again. Not knowing what was happening I jumped up and went down stairs not saying anything to anyone about what had just happened to me.

Now I know that that was my guardian angel there to comfort me in my time of sorrow.