Watching Over Us

The following is a true story and greatly comforts me when I feel down. My Grandparents and Parents had all passed away in their early in life and left me and my three brothers as the whole family. As the oldest I tried to fill the void left but it was hard. My youngest brother, CW was 27 years old and ten years younger than I was, and had never settled down to marry and raise a family. He had an operation on a hernia a week earlier and an infection sent him back to the hospital. The hospital was 100 miles away from our home on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and my brothers and I were not able to immediately get there. The infection became worse and he was put into ICU immediately after he was admitted.

CW's temperature was over 104 and it was touch and go but he pulled through. The next day my brother Richard said, "hey Don, Want to hear something weird? Last night when I called to check on CW, the nurse said that he was doing better and that his mother is in the room with him now. When I asked her to repeat what she just said, "I just saw his mother in his room. Wait and I'll get her." When she came back on the line the nurse said, "she saw two people in his room but they are both gone now."

The next day when we went to visit, CW said, "I saw Mom last night and Cousin Ken. I must have been delirious since they are both dead. It was good to see them though." Rich told CW what the nurse said about seeing two people with him last night. Then we all just looked at each other. Before I left I showed the nurse who was working earlier a picture of my Mom that I keep in my wallet. She said, "That's her. She was here last night." I am not sure if it was my Mom checking on her baby that night or angels who were there to support my little brother. Now, a few years later with both CW and Rich passed on, My brother James and I remember that night and we know we will see our loved ones again.