Out to Sea

I was 18 and on my first foreign holiday with my then girlfriend, we left Ireland "My Home" went to Crete a small Island of Greece. We bought a blow up bed used in pools etc. and went to the beach. It was a very hot afternoon so I just went into the sea and lay on my bed near the shore.

The next thing I knew I woke up still floating on my floating bed. I sat up and looked back to the shore and the people on the beach were as small as ants!! I floated out that far. I was real scared as I couldn't really swim!! So I lay down on my stomach and started to paddle each side. I was getting more panicked so I ended up falling into the sea so you know that sea, you know it's full of salt which I swallowed lots of so I couldn't even scream!! Next thing right in front of my eyes this man appeared! An old man at least in his eighties!! And I mean I saw him appear out of nowhere right in front of my eyes!!

He was about 15 ft away and swam to me. He put his arms round me and got me back up on the waterbed and dragged us both into land and never even speaking but I remember as if it's today. There was no sound just calmness inside and out. I remember looking at his skin and It was like leather when we got back to shore where my girl was bathing. I ran to her and within a split second I turned and the man was gone. I know that day God was looking down on me and sent me that angel.

That was the 3rd time I nearly drowned in my life and 3 times different angels came and saved my life. That's why I spend my life saving people and healing them through Gods energy in laying of hands and Hypnosis for their minds.

Keith D.
God bless