The Comeback Kid

From childhood to age 49 I basked in the good of life and passed it on to others. I practiced that "golden rule" but was by no means always perfect. I had my flaws in deed, thought or action - more like reaction to the misdeeds of others against me. Still, God prospered me and life was pleasant.

Into my life He brought high points many an average person (I'm no different) does not get to have: gifting me with talents and abilities that brought me to the attention of people waaay out of my league; the summit of it being to have major opportunities/favor shown me by kings, princes, Senators and Members of Congress while I held positions in the U.S. Congress and The President's Cabinet.

Five years ago came the major personal/material losses/heartaches starting with the death of my mother, son-in-law, 2 uncles and the man I hoped to marry all in a one-year time window. Following that, I lost a mortgaged/inherited rental property due to squatter tenants. I had a lovely little townhome of my own, but struggling to pay for both properties later proved financially fatal, and I was forced to "give back" the rental home in 2001, and finally my own home a full year later. My heartbreak took me to emotional valleys I hope never to see again. Yet, when I should have been homeless in 2003, I wasn't. When I should have fallen into a wrong state of mind in 2003 I didn't.

If only you could see where My Help has brought me today. He is making me into "The Comeback Kid." And I give Him all Praise and Thanksgiving for His Keeping Power.