My mother was put into the hospital in 1977; her appendix had ruptured spreading toxins throughout her body. She had ignored her symptoms thinking she had the flu. She was too busy to go to a doctor because she was taking care of me and my sister aged 4 and 7. By the time she was admitted to the hospital the damage was done.

Delirious with pain and fever she woke up to an unfamiliar nurse standing by her bedside. The nurse asked my mother if she was in pain. My mother said yes. The nurse asked my mother if she wanted the pain to stop. Yes, yes my mother whispered.

If you come with me the pain will stop, said the nurse.

My mother asked, "What are you talking about?" What is your name? Alice, replied the nurse. Her face began to glow. My mother realized she was talking to an angel. She became frightened. No! No! I can't go with you. I have to take care of my girls!

Are you sure? Asked Alice. I can make the pain go away. My Mother yelled, Go Away! I won't go with you. I can take the pain. My Mother covered her eyes and refused to look at "Alice".

Alice replied it's all right the pain will leave you very soon. I will watch over you tonight.

No watch the girls, my mother told her. They're scared and crying for me.

Alice again told my mother the pain would soon leave. I will watch the girls until you recover. My mother, exhausted fell into a deep sleep. Her fever broke that morning.

Was my mother hallucinating? Or did she really argue with an Angel named Alice. She always maintained that this was a real experience.

She said that the next time Alice came for her she'd go. My Mother died on August 27, 1992. She refused to go with Alice until her girls were grown.

Suzanne Olivar - N. J.