Grandma's Gigantic Gift

My grandma's death was naturally something all of us knew would be would arrive all too soon, her being the age of 92. Still, none of us are every ready to let go of the ones we love. The day following my wonderful grandma's funeral, I walked to the church next door to her house to talk with the priest. He told me that because we had been separated by 850 miles for the last 10 years or more, she could now be closer to me in heaven, than she could here on earth, being separated by hundreds of miles. He knew she had grown close to the Lord in the final years of her life having so much time alone with him and she was praying for me right now from the Father's side. I went back to her house (which she had not lived in for over 10 years) to find my mother and sister writing descriptions the beautiful flowers she had received in the book from the funeral home. There were so many that we brought some of the potted plants to the house and they had just been watered so were sitting on the kitchen cabinet.

My sister busy with mom looking through plant books to find the correct spelling of some of the plants and arrangements when they were unable to find the correct spelling of Eucalyptus in any of the books. About that time I had walked into the kitchen to admire the plants and I noticed something in the one of the flower pots. Without thinking I asked, "What is this in here?" as I reached inside and picked up a Eucalyptus cough drop from the dirt and correctly spelled E U C A L Y P T U S for my sister, reading it from the wrapper of the cough drop. All three of us looked upward and my sister and mom said in unison, "Thanks grandma!" and all three of us had to giggle at grandma's sense of humor. She had always had a little dry throat and loved to suck on lemon drops or in the last years, eucolyptus cough drops. She had not lived in the big old house for over 10 years so we knew it was no accident, the cough drop appearing in the flower pot.

This was not only one final gift of love and humor from my wonderful grandma, whom everyone had always adored because of her wonderful sense of humor, but the beginning of my journey to salvation! Thanks grandma, for opening my eyes to the truth! She always knew very well it literally took a two by four over the head to get my attention, however, this time my sweet little granny did it with just a tiny little cough drop. I love you grandma! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!