Angel of Strength

We would like to share a message with you which needs no explanation.

Love & Blessings

Vincent & Ann

The Angel of Strength wishes to convey the strength inherent in All, and yet oh so clouded from view!

With the passing of times embroiled in pain, turmoil and deceit (both of Self and others) we literally forget the Inner Strength granted to us from above.

We wallow in fears, genuinely believing we have neither the courage, tools or ability to 'let go' and move back into the purity of Light.


Why do we criticize ourselves and believe such untruths when the Light never dims and we merely forget?

Yes, merely forget!

Do we berate and criticize children forgetting trivialities?

Do we decry and ridicule ill or aging parents, or friends when they temporarily forget joyful events?

Why then do we openly and often constantly criticize ourselves forgetting the abundance of inner strength within?

Accept with joy that the clouds of forgetfulness will pass...that rainbows with huge pots of bubbling delight and strength are awaiting your embrace!

KNOW with all your heart that your Strength - God's Strength, Love and Support never ever iminishes and that rainbows are forever present!

Seek the rainbow.

Seek the Dove.

KNOW with Certainty that an Inner Strength embraces your entire Being.

Look to Heaven for reassurances...see the birds...KNOW the promise and KNOW you are no exception (even as the clouds appear temporarily stagnant), as you reawaken to your Divinity...the joy of absolute BEing.