The Conversation

My name is Diane, I am 41 years old, married to my High School Sweetheart with whom I have been with more than half our lives. Together we have four beautiful boys, two of which are grown, married, and have ventured out into the world to live their own lives and two of which are into their 4th & 2nd year of grade school.

Myself along with my four boys and two daughters-in-law have experienced unexplainable phenomena over the years within and surrounding our home wherever that may have been at the time being that we are a retired military family. We are firm believers in God, His Word, as well as in angels. With and keeping this in mind, please understand that we are also firm believers in Satan and demonic forces.

My husband has never given much consideration to the unseen existence of Angels or demonic forces which have surrounded our lives and made their presence known to both myself, our four boys, as well as my daughters-in-law just since they have been in and an active part of our lives over the past four years. We all have at some point revealed to him in conversation those things in which we have experienced and he generally gives us one of those strange disbelieving looks as if in his mind he thinks we don't know what we're talking about. That is until one Friday he was home alone having taken a vacation day from work and had been working out in our back yard cleaning off an overgrown portion of the yard, which borders ours as well as a neighboring property line.

I make it a habit to go home for lunch every single working day and this particular Friday was no different. When I arrived home shortly after noon, he was out in the yard, whereas when he spotted me sitting in the driveway, he ventured on into the house through the back door and I went in through the garage to find him standing at the top of the stairs waiting on me. When I looked at him, his face appeared to be drained of all natural color (an ashen color), and he said he had been waiting for me to arrive home so he could come back into the house. I immediately asked if he was okay and inquired with him about what he meant by saying he had been waiting for me to come home so he could come back into the house.

He proceeded to tell me that after several morning hours of working in the yard.....he had to come into the house to make use of the restroom and while he was in the bathroom......he heard the most unusual noise he had ever encountered taking into consideration that he was in the house alone at that point. He explained that while he was using the restroom.....he heard a noise that sounded as if someone was moving a really heavy piece of furniture that had dropped to the floor making a loud thud, and then he heard a loud scraping noise as if something really heavy was being scraped across a floor.

He said it sent cold chills up his spine whereas he immediately ventured out of the bathroom in search of the noise he had heard only to find that he was still in the house alone with no explanation of where the noise had come from. Upon this he decided to go back outside and had made up his mind that he would not return to the inside of the house until I being one who experiences strange occurrences all the time would come home and be able to go inside with him. Needless to say......nothing unusual happened while I was there, but when I left going back to work he ventured back out into the yard where he occupied himself with the cleaning of the back lot and informed me when I got home later that evening that he had not gone back into the house since I had left earlier that day.

Now, the following day was Saturday and with both of us being off and having the kids home from school, I busied myself with housework, laundry, etc., the boys were playing video games in their bedroom, and my husband was downstairs in his little makeshift office downloading some pictures on his computer from our digital camera, formatting them, etc. All of a sudden he came storming up the stairs and demanded to know where I had been and what I had been doing. I proceeded to tell him that I had been doing the normal routine Saturday chores which consisted of dusting, mopping, making beds, laundry, etc., etc. At this point he asked me if I had been downstairs in the garage/basement that morning. I told him 'No' at which time he asked me if I had even been down there AT ALL even for a few seconds at which time I again told him 'No', then I asked him why he was asking. His face turned really pale to the point in which I thought he was about to lose consciousness and he began to explain to me that he had heard what he thought was me sweeping the garage floor and had been carrying on a conversation with me.

He said at one point when he asked me a question and I didn't respond he could still hear the sweeping noise and got up to follow where it was coming from so that he could directly ask me his question again. As he approached where he thought the sound was coming from the sweeping noise ceased altogether and he came to realize that he was alone in the garage/basement. Then he asked me where the broom was and I told him it was in the kitchen between the refrigerator and the wall of the pantry where it always is and I then told him that I had not even touched the broom at all that morning, but had been using the vacuum sweeper to do the kitchen and bathroom floors. He went straight into the kitchen, pulled the broom out from where I had told him it would be and at that point he had to sit down to calm down before he could even muster up the courage to venture back down to the basement/garage.

Now......the unusual thing about this is that the weekend before my husband and I had gotten into a conversation pretty late into the evening on Saturday night (round about 10:30) about all the things that both I, our children, and our daughters-in-law had experienced within and surrounding the confinements of our home and everyday existence. It wasn't long before the conversation turned into a questioning debate on his part then blew up into a major argument whereas he just didn't want to believe or be accepting of anything I had to tell him concerning our experiences.

At the end when I became exhausted from arguing with him I then told him that it was okay if he didn't want to believe any of us or not, but he needed to respect the fact that we had experienced unexplainable things, that we ALL weren't crazy and that I felt at some point God would reveal to him those things in which we had encountered and when God did it was going to blow him away! Shortly after the argument was over, he and I both went on to bed whereas it wasn't long in which he fell asleep and I was lying in the bed staring up at the ceiling going over in my mind the conversation and argument he and I had just had.

The house was extremely quiet when all of a sudden I heard whispering which seemed to be coming from the hallway right outside our bedroom door. It was two separate voices one being that of a deep voice and the other being that of a lighter, crisper voice and although I couldn't make out what was being said....the two voices were maintaining a whispering effect. I nudged my husband awake and told him to be really quiet and listen. We lay ever so still, listened for a few seconds whereas he then asked what we were listening for. I told him that I could hear two separate whispering voices in our hallway and asked him if he could hear them as well.

We lay still and quiet for a few more seconds at which time he informed me that he couldn't hear anything whereas I was still hearing them. He told me at that point that it was probably our two little boys who had been awakened by our argument and was probably in the kitchen scavenging for something to eat or drink. Upon that comment, I got out of bed and headed toward the kitchen only to find it dark and empty of any human existence, then I went to their bedroom to check on them only to discover them steadfast asleep in their bed. As I stood there for a few seconds observing them, I listened intently to the quiet and stillness of the house and no longer heard the whispering, so I went on back to bed. As I lay there once again I heard the whispering and immediately had the thought that God's angels were present and were probably discussing the argument my husband and I had previously had regarding their known presence in our lives. It wasn't too long after that thought in which the whispering ceased and I drifted off to sleep.

Needless to say though, based on what my husband experienced over a period of two days back to back. Now when I consult with him on things of this nature he has and continues to be more accepting and receptive of them than what he ever has been before.

I know that God had his hand in revealing to my husband those unseen, unexplainable things that he experienced for himself, so that he would not be so overly critical of what the rest of us has experienced. I don't know why God allowed him to hear such specific noises in the way that he did or what purpose those particular noises would serve other than gaining my husband's attention to the fact that such things do exist and happen, but I do know that he is a believer of such things now and that alone has proven to be a tremendous blessing in knowing that he no longer thinks the rest of us are off our rockers.

My entire family from siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and spouse along with a few of my closest friends and co-workers tell me that they feel I am gifted in the way of being a Visionary (some have told me they believe my children and I have ESP, which personally I refuse to accept that) and that they feel for some reason God has chosen me and my children to maintain a closer relationship and to be more in sync with the spiritual world whether it be angels or demonic forces (with which we have encountered a few). I could actually write a book on the various encounters I have had on a personal level ever since I was at the very young age of 5.

It is my belief that God grants heavenly insight to those things which are to come that may have a devastating impact on our lives or in which we need to be prepared for, but you have to allow yourself to be in tune with your own soul and the possibility of those things happening and you have to be in tune with God on a spiritual level. God has prepared our family for a wide variety of tragedies, mishappenings, unfortunate events, etc., etc. over the years and He has done so through me, my children, and one my two daughters-in-law. It is a gift in which I thank and praise God for and in which I give Him all the glory.

May God Bless and Keep You All Forever and Always. Amen. Amen.

Diane K.