I Saw an Angel

I'm sure I saw an Angel on that sad and fateful day
I'm sure I heard her whisper telling me to walk her way
She held her hand out to me perhaps its all a dream
ThereÕs silence all around me but I still hear people scream

I donÕt know why she chose me, I don't quite understand
Why other people round me didnÕt get to hold her hand
She told me I was special and I had some work to do
She said she had a message that I need to share with you

She took me to a wondrous place with beauty all around
My feet were floating in the air not stepping on the ground
The sun was shinning brightly there were flowerÕs everywhere
I donÕt think I have ever seen a sight I could compare

I asked if I could stay there but she said I had to go
Your help on Earth is needed to let the people know
That AngelÕs walk beside them and protect them everyday
God will tell your Angel if you should come or stay

ThereÕs nothing to be scared of thereÕs nothing you should fear
Your Angel will be with you thereÕs no need to shed a tear
God gave you life for living you must live the best you can
Then when the time is ready you must take your Angels hand