Keep My Son Safe, Oh Dear Angels

My son was 15 at that time (actually he's 34) and was giving us a lot of trouble; we were trying to buy a new place to move him out from his friends and to try to give him a new start.

So there we were, my husband, my daughter 12, and my son and myself, on a Saturday visit to a beautiful (pent house) apartment on the 17th floor. It was a building still under construction, the elevators weren't working yet, and the staircase had no handles just the hole and I started to prayer aloud, in a voice that my husband could clearly hear.

Dear God wherever my son puts his feet, may your angels hold them and keep him safe.

I had recently started praying to our angels as he was a teenager I couldn't go up the stair holding his hands like a child but I knew that he wasn't completely there at that time. So I just kept on with my prayer... the part of psalm 91 where this is mentioned. My husband just looked at me and couldn't understand... we finally arrived to the seventeenth floor and decided to take a look over the half wall in the huge terrace and what we saw was our son yelling out: Mom, Mom. Just look at me. This is still incredible to us who lived this very incident so many years ago but still remember it with all detail like if it is happening right now. So he decided to leap up to us from the 16th floor balcony which made up a Y shape with the balcony next door. And before I could do or say anything he just jumped up to the 17th floor we stood watching in amazed despair his leaping over the half wall falling right next to us in a miraculous way.

It was more than impossible to do this amazing trick because of the y shape of the design of the building's balconies, because he leaped from the floor below to the upper one and because there was a half wall all around the terrace for safety. The salesman got paler then tan white, gave me his business card and fled down the unsecured stairs, when we met him later while he awaited for a bus he said, "lady what your son did? You see this black tie I'm wearing, I have just come back from a friends funeral that died here yesterday". He was a painter and fell from a height and died. And he said good afternoon and walked away.

I continued blessing God first for making me ask for the help that would soon be needed, and second for sending his angels to hold my kids foot and third for making him fly over the wall and fall directly and safely into the 17th floor which by the way taught us another lesson. We bought a home.

Thanks dear Lord.
Thanks dear Angels who have been with us ever since.
Diana Lee-Young.