The Messenger

I was having child care issues one morning, which is the norm for me, because I have two special needs children. It has been a challenged accepting so many excuses why care for children like mine can't be provided.

One morning when I didn't have anyone to care for my children (so I could go to work), I took the kids to MacDonald's for breakfast.

The kids and I had ordered our food and while were waiting when a man whom I'd never seen before walked up to me and said he was sent to tell me something.

He said "right now, you have lots of angels around you." He said, "you can't see them but they are here". He went on to say, "Don't you know it's a sin to worry"? He said, "God does not want you to worry about your children". When he said something about my children he had my attention. While he was continually telling me what GOD sent him to tell me, I thought to myself, watch and see how he leaves this restaurant, what car he gets in to.

He was telling me how much GOD loves me and then he said as if he could read my thoughts, "my children and wife are out in the car waiting on me", because I also thought he was trying to hit on me. He told me something good is going to happen to you before the end of the year, and then he let me know he was getting ready to go. Now remember I said I was going to wait and see where he goes when he leaves this restaurant (in my mind) once he said he was leaving "The Holy Spirit hit me in MacDonald's, I was in the Holy Spirit and I could not watch him, I did not see him leave. During this encounter, my children were sitting very calmly in the booth, patiently waiting for breakfast.

Regarding 'the something good' happening to me before the end of the year; December 18th 2001 I received a fax from a company in Australia requesting an order for 200 Heat Shields, an invention I feel God blessed me with. The funds were transferred over to my account, and I mailed this company in Australia 200 Heat Shields, I know this was GOD!!!!

To the unbelievers in GOD and his son Jesus, I challenge you to give GOD/Jesus a try. You probably have tried everything else! Why not try GOD. Have a relationship with GOD, and he will have one with you!

You never know when you might be talking to one of God's Angels!

D. Key