The Angel Named Mabel

On March 29th 1999 I was called back to the hospital where my father was because the nurses could not calm him down. My father was very ill with his vital organs shutting down upon entering the skilled nursing unit I could hear my father calling out the name Mabel. I went to my father and ask him daddy who is Mabel? He looked at me as though looking through me lifted his hand to the sky and said Mabel show me heaven, he then took my husband's hand and ask him to take care of it for him. My husband asked what he was suppose to take care of. My father told him you just take care of it. Seconds later he said to me, "I'm happy, happy, happy!" After this he asked to be put to bed. We asked him dad are you going to stay in bed he said until morning. My dad passed away at 11:05 AM March 31st he stayed in bed till morning and then Mabel took him home to heaven. This was such a relief to know that daddy got to see heaven.

God Bless His Soul