Club House

Hello, my name is Deb and I really do believe in angels and their existence among us. I have seen them.

One evening a few years ago, I was in my pantry doing the dishes and in such emotional despair, do to fact that one of my sons was in the hospital. As I was crying quietly so that I would not upset the rest of my family, especially my youngest son, I closed my eyes for a brief moment to wipe my tears. That is when I saw the most beautiful angel that I had ever seen in my entire life. He was approximately 10 feet tall and facing the direction of my back yard. He had golden locks of hair that were shoulder length. He had on a pure white long silky robe with long sleeves. A tan sash embraced his waist. As I looked down at his feet, he was wearing tan sandals with straps that crossed over one another. His stance was masculine. His wings were enormously beautiful.

Even though, I could only see the side view of him, I saw that he was focused. He was also very serious. Then all of a sudden, he fluttered his wings and proceeded to march toward the back yard. It was then that I opened my eyes, with questions in my mind. Why was this angel in my yard and why did he march toward the backyard?

Because it was dark outside, I waited until the next morning to check it out. That's when I realized that he was marching to the tree where one of my kid's had been building a club house. But, it wasn't completed yet. There were two pieces of wood on the tree. The tree had a cross on it! I was amazed and started to cry. Then a peaceful feeling came over me and I just knew that my son would be okay.

Know that this is a true story and even though it was a few years ago, I remember it as clear as day. I hope that you will enjoy my story.