Ardmore Post Office

About 1985 or 1986 I had a very special encounter with what I am convinced was an Angel. I had gone to the Ardmore Oklahoma Post Office to retrieve my mail. I always use the doors at the steps of the building instead of the handicapped ramp that entered next to the stairs. I went straight back to my mailbox and got my mail.

I then began my exit from the building via the steps. As I approached the steps a person or (Angel) walked in the ramp doors. My eyes caught his eyes he miled at me and I don't think I returned even a smile and that is not like me. As I reached the top step He called out to me, "hey Ken, I said yes what's going on"? He said, "O nothing I was just wondering how far you would have gotten if I hadn't stopped you". I said, "I don't know." And just at that time a car crashed into the doors that I would have been going out if I had continued down the stairs.

Of course my attention was on the auto that was setting against the doors. I looked around to say something to the man about the lady lying face down in the right floor of the car. But the man was not there.

I still to this day 20 years later do not know who he was or where he went. How did he know my name?

Ken In Oklahoma