Surrounded by Love

I don't know why, but I'm very insecure about sharing my story. It is through the grace of Goodness that I am alive many times over, and even more than that, that I arrived at all. My mother had contracted an infection at the time of her pregnancy with me. This (according to the doctors) guaranteed that I would be born dead and/or mentally handicapped, and probably deaf as well. Nevertheless, I arrived; intact and unharmed.

There are many events that can testify to the proof of divine intervention in my survival; one of which is being abandoned on a German freeway when I was three. I was found, safe and unharmed, having cookies at the house of a grandmotherly figure who hadn't been seen before or since.

My childhood was very difficult, and it's not an exaggeration to say I was faced with life or death on a constant basis. But rather than dwell on that aspect, there is one instance in particular that forever proves that angels exist beyond any doubt in my mind.

When I was about seven years old; my parents took my brother and I to the river for a family outing. As I was a constant source of irritation, I did my best to keep from getting underfoot, whenever possible. My parents had mentioned that there was a strong undertow, but I was unfamiliar with the term. I was playing with a frog near the edge of the water, and my brother came and hurled it into the river. Not realizing that frogs are no strangers to the water, I was frightened for the creature's safety, and went to rescue it.

The undertow, indeed, was VERY strong. I was pulled in, and even had I been a strong swimmer, the current would have made that impossible. Not only that, but it had been raining recently, and the river was filled with loose brush, and debris, further hindering my attempts to keep my head above the surface of the water. I was in a state of panic; which decreased the amount of breath I had.

I was frantically flailing, my chest was on fire, I had to breathe in..........water. This struggle had already taken several minutes, but my parents hadn't noticed my absence yet. I swallowed several more breaths worth of water. It felt as if my chest had been torn open, and set ablaze I suddenly gave up; it was hopeless; I was a mile from the campsite, where my parents were just beginning to wonder where I had gotten.

The water was frigid, about 60 degrees or so, and I was exhausted. I just said good night; and I asked God to please watch over my family. That's when I realized I was no longer struggling for breath; in fact, I felt as if I was breathing. I felt such a feeling of contentment, love was surrounding me, warming me; too. I started to recover (still underwater) and I noticed the moon (or so I thought) had come out very early. Then I noticed all the women surrounding me; not one but many; maybe about eight, but they weren't really distinct. They weren't in front of the light; they were the light! We didn't speak aloud, but communication was instantaneous. "You're alright; you're safe; you're loved; not yet; you're still needed; you belong; you're accepted; you're beautiful; good girl; trust," are some of the phrases that went through my head. It was beautiful, indescribable; I long for it again's hard to convey--words just aren't powerful enough. Although they were still immediately in front of me, I felt them drifting away, and saw them guide my dad to me, unbeknownst to him. He snatched me up above the water, and I started crying.

It still gives me a sense of loss, somehow, when I think about it. The air was hard to breathe at first, but every breath got a little more natural. I tried to tell my parents several times, but they were laughing and (I'm sure) relieved; it had been about 20 minutes, since I left, according to my brother who was 10. I sensed that I wasn't meant to talk about it then, and haven't told many people since then. There are so many more episodes that I feel sure that I was protected, including two flipped cars, both without seat belts, where I wasn't even bruised. I hope that I'm doing the right thing by sharing it now.

The story I read earlier convinced me. The man said that after his experience he was given the gift of discernment. I had chills running up my arms and legs. I also have great insight, and can Always, Always tell when someone is lying, and what type of character their truest self is. I hope this story helps, encourages, and/or convinces someone of the Great Power that is True, and Evident. I worry that I have been given too much honor in the reprieves I have been given, and often hope that I am doing enough. Perhaps this will help someone else share their story, or believe the unbelievable has and can, and will occur.

This is dedicated to Thanksgiving, and the Power that guides us. Tisha L.