Angel Figure

My wife Mimi and I were on a trip to the Gulf Coast to visit some friends and play in our sea kayaks. We were cruising along at about 65 when this strange feeling just hit me.

I pulled off the road, told Mimi we had to go back a little bit, turned the car around and drove back about a half mile. I knew just where to pull off, although IÕd never seen the place other than just zooming past it. Some small pines were clustered in a small clearing near the road and the sun was back-lighting them splendidly. Although I studied it for awhile, I didnÕt see anything unusual.

I thought the light on the trees was worth a photo and I got out the camera, took a shot and studied the scene again. Once I had taken the photo, the strange feeling vanished and now I felt no emotion towards the place other than it had nice light, so I got back in the car feeling a little foolish and we motored on to the gulf without further incident.

This photo, and the circumstances surrounding it are just a bit . . . ah . . . strange. In the photo, in the morning mist, there is the figure of what looks like a female angel. It's somewhat transparent, but it's there.