Shark "Fatso"

Back in the 70's, when I was about 13 or 14 I had gone skin diving (snorkeling) with a friend of mine near a headland not far from where I lived. I had gone into the water and remember it being very murky. My friend had not come into the water for a short while and I remember lifting my head and seeing him getting ready on the rocks. I continued diving when I heard a voice saying "Get out of the water." I ignored it thinking that I was hearing things. I kept snorkeling around when the voice again spoke and in a very authorative and assertive tone said "Get out of the water now!" At this I did get out of the water and climbed back onto the rocks and said to my friend, "don't go in, something is not right."

A day or two later I read in the paper that a very large Tiger shark had been caught near were I had been diving and was swimming between the headland and an island were I had been swimming and he had been for several days. The shark was that big that he had been named "Fatso".

I am a Christian and have been since an early age. There is no doubt that this was my Guardian angel speaking to me and I feel that the shark must have been very close when I left the water.

I have had several encounters with my Guardian Angel, given by the Lord God, and can relate a couple of others if you wish to hear them.

BTW I like your site and have only just come across it.

Dave Masterson