Voice of an Angel

When I was a little boy the strangest thing happened as I was lying in my bed. As I used to be afraid of the dark I would always sleep with my head under the pillows. This particular night I was also wiggling my toes when I felt the strangest presence, I did not dare come from under the covers afraid of what I might see. Then I heard a male voice, it was so strong in tone and demanding that I dare not disobey. All it simply said was stay still. With that I immediately stopped wiggling my toes and felt as if I was floating and being rotated 180 degrees. When it felt like I had come back to my previous position, it was as if nothing had happened but I was so afraid because of what I had just experienced. I still wonder what it was all about to this very day. All I can think is that an angel was somehow letting me know that I am special in someway and that no matter where I am or what I do there is always someone watching over me.