The Blue Circle

I have never had any doubt about the existence of angels. What happened in our home in the course of a few days reinforced my strong belief in the existence of angels. Our family began to have strange occurrences in our home 2 1/2 years ago. It all began one afternoon when I knocked on my son's bedroom to let him know that supper was ready. He sat busy in a chat room with a European lady. His bedroom light was turned off and I could distinctly see a beautiful, blue circle a few inches from his head. The circle was approximately 10 inches wide. I had never seen anything like this in my entire life and didn't know exactly what to make of it. I felt somewhat startled and amazed at what I was seeing. I realized there was no logical explanation for it. My son seemed to be totally unaware of it.

Thinking he might think I was imagining the blue circle, I chose not to tell him what hovered in close proximity to him.

The next day our 12-year-old granddaughter found a disposable camera and began to snap pictures of unsuspecting family members. She threw our son's door open without knocking and snapped a picture of him. Apparently he was getting up from the computer where he had been chatting with his European friend. My husband and I had not been too happy about his Internet friend due to our son wanting to travel to Europe and meet her. We didn't feel that it was a good idea and were not keen on this idea at all.

Three days after our granddaughter intruded into our son's room and snapped the picture, she asked me if I could take her to town to spend some time with a friend. Our son was once again in his room on the Internet. I told my granddaughter to get her jacket since it was somewhat nippy outside. I assumed she had left her jacket in out spare bedroom, but had left it in our son's bedroom. Being in a hurry she barged into our son's room without first knocking. In the meantime I had went to my bedroom to get my purse. Just as I was picking my purse up, I heard my granddaughter let out one of the most blood curdling screams I had ever heard.

I dropped my purse and ran to her. She was standing in the doorway of our son's room pale as a sheet and trembling. We asked her what was wrong, but she was speechless. We gently lead her to the sofa and consoled her for several minutes all the while wondering what could have happened. She appeared to be overcome with fear.

After several minutes of talking calmly to her and gently comforting her, she finally opened up and told us she had seen an angel standing behind our son looking over his shoulder and watching everything he was doing. She said she was afraid people would think she was crazy and didn't want me to tell anyone at first.

The disposable camera lay in our home for two months before I got the film developed. I love pictures and usually look at them immediately after picking them up. As I sat in my car I came across a picture of what looked to be a white fluffy image covering our son. The bottom of it wasn't fully manifested and had the same blue appearance as the blue circle I had seen a few days before. The more I looked at the picture; I thought it looked like a large, white, fluffy wing shielding our son. The image appeared to stretch across the front of our son and fold around his right shoulder.

In time our son quit chatting with this particular Internet friend, much to the relief of his father and I. We believe that God sent an angel to guard and watch over our son during a time that he most needed divine protection.

Darlene Steele
Community Education Director
Harlan County Schools