Let Go

I am a recovered alcoholic, my both parents were alcoholics and both died young, I as anyone can imagine did not have a very happy childhood, being the oldest having to look after three brothers, in and out of orphanages, I grew up having a deep hatred for any authority, so when I was introduced to alcohol.

I became very aggressive and in a lot of scrapes with the law, spending most of my adolescence and young adulthood in and out of prison, mostly in retaliation to police brutality, I have been clinically dead three times, and brought back, the last time I came out of a coma and realized I had been somewhere wonderful I woke with a tube down my throat and was choking and in a panic when I felt a sudden calm and a voice saying I was ok, there was no one in the room, I asked there and then for help just to change my life.

Over the next few weeks amazing thoughts came into my head, like instructions, I found myself asking questions, and in subtle ways got answers, like go look for information, learn, only then did I find out that I was surrounded by god and many angels, the main lesson I got was let go and let them, now my life just cruises in overdrive, I talk to them all the time, they told me go out and touch as many people I can with love in my heart, and just watch the miracles happen in their lives.

I know I can't tell anyone what I am doing to them, but I believe that everyone has angels looking after them, and I just light the pilot light with a touch, a hand shake, a hug and smile, and feel the power being transferred, I was frightened at first, as I thought I would run out of angels for myself, but they just keep coming, and what's amazing, I just had to ask with faith and hope, for intervention in a life I thought I had lost. Just ask