Saw An Angel

I'm a ten year old boy who lives in Wisconsin. Tonight I brought up paranormal experiences at the dinner table. My mother told us about seeing some angels in her bedroom in a house that we are still living in. She said that my dad was traveling some where and she was alone in her bedroom. Usually she would sleep in my and my brothers bedroom, which was nice she said, because she could here us breathing. She was praying to God asking her why her life was going so bad, and what happens after life, and why her best friend had just died, and why her dad was just been diagnosed with cancer. My mother was a strong believer. She went to sleep for a hour and woke up. She was frozen in fear-happiness because of what she was seeing. She saw about three bright fountain lights. They weren't talking to her but asking her to come with her through my moms head. She just couldn't she was to scared. She said that she felt that they were going to answer all of her questions and show her her home that God was preparing. She couldn't and soon they went away and she didn't sleep for the rest of the night. My mother isn't the luckiest person in her life but she has so much love. I know that she is one of Gods prized people. affence :>

Logan Braasch