White Auras

I have always known in my heart that the supernatural existed. Although things in my life were, at the time, spinning out of control. I was seeking the meaning of life and trying to find faith in God.

I had gone to a festival in Illinois called Cornerstone. It is a born again Christian gathering with music and art and lots more. I myself was not a Christian, but I wanted to be. During the course of the gathering I remember everyone from age 12 to 40 being so filled with the spirit of God. I was almost sick to my stomach because I could not feel what they felt and I just could not force faith upon myself.

Well on the third day of the gathering I found myself walking with a new friend named Patrick. We were talking about God and music and I was thoroughly enjoying his company. It was getting quite late and most everyone was sound asleep, and then out of nowhere I heard the most blissful of all sounds it was getting louder but in a soothing kind of way. The music must have went on for a half an hour atleast. Patrick and I could not believe our ears. We knew it must have been angels but that is not the end.

We were still walking and talking and suddenly we saw white auras around everything. We also felt the energy and love of God within our own beings, it was as if God himself touched us. For the first time ever in my life I saw the bright morning star, literally. I have been up till seven in the morning on many occasions and never before that day did I see that star.

I believe the angels, god, energy or whatever you want to call it came down for me and my friend that day to let me know that love and the supernatural really exists. If I would have had that experience by myself I would have thought that I was imagining things. I would have denied it to myself like I have other times.

To this day I can still feel a bit of the bliss and joy I felt for those few hours. I hope everyone gets to feel this atleast once in their life.

May you all be blessed with the spirit of God,