The Angel & Jail

A year ago I was waiting in jail to go on trial for a crime I never committed. Now over the years I have been to church and even when I was a child we went to church every Sunday. I lost my Dad at age 10 and then I lost my Mom at age 21. I turned from my Lord with full forced blame. You could say I was one of those who believed in God but thought I wasn't good enough to be in his "picks".

I had a failed marriage and was working on a 2nd when this came about. Strangely enough about 2 years ago I started seeing things before they would happen. I remember telling my wife about a friend that was going to die soon, a friend who was in remission from cancer. Not more then three days later he died in his sleep. Oh I could go on and on about my insights but people would think I'm crazy.

Any way I was sitting in jail one day and a young man came to me and asked me to join them in Bible study. This guy must be nut's I thought to myself, he's in for murder and he want's to preach to me? Yes, I played GOD and passed judgement upon him. Here I am sitting around the worst of the worst and they want to start jail house religion with me. As I sat there judging them for what they were accused of I forgot to look at myself and what I was accused of.

This old black gentlemen walked up and out of the blue started quoting the bible. His voice pierced my heart and as I turned his blue eyes looked right through me. Now if you have never been in jail under a serious crime let me tell one knows your first name, only your last or your your number. This man called me Billy and then proceeded to tell me that I would be in for a while but to have faith and patience that it would work out better then I ever imagined. I went to bed that night and cried out to GOD. The next morning the man was gone and even the Deps. didn't know his name.

It took eight months but the day before trial, the case was dismissed. The accuser recanted on her story and I was free. This story goes a lot deeper but I was told from the inside to share it with you. Never judge another for they may be a Angel. Thanks to my experience in jail I now work with the Ohio Innocence Program and try to help and work with Rape victims.

William Strutz