Sounds Like Angels

Angels voices bears resemblence to the wind,
hence, it appears more refined than the air we breathe.
Sometimes, Angels voices sounds like beautiful wind-chimes,
like music, they resonate within the Light of the Divine.

Bourn of the ether in the heavens above,
Angels favorite songs are of Universal love.
Angels often whisper inspirations to us,
as we are sometimes unaware when they surround us.

In our lives, when we are not feeling so strong,
Angels quitely spur us onward by transferring ethereal songs...
that embeds certain hints and creative truths,
which helps us overcome our everyday blues.

And one day when we return to our home in heaven,
we'll reside amongst the Angels within 'Octave 11'.

Angel of Happiness and Joy

Find something that makes you happy, create something that brings you joy,
see the beauty in everything, even if it's only a toy.

Take some time out of your busy day, to smell the flowers that nature has grown,
have some fun or play a game, and don't let petty things get you down.

Be happy and joyful and glad, for the days are ever so short, it's no use being sad
while -Angels abide-, they are constantly about.

Angel of Peace

If you need to have peace for a moment during the day, take some time out,
so that you may feel essence in your special way.

You may need to find serenity within your everyday life, if you're yearning to have a quiet,
peaceful mind.

Without our heavenly whispers, to help soothe your wary thoughts,
you would perhaps feel like you just couldn't go on.

So, never forget that if you need a little quitetude, we are always here to assist,
we will help to guide you through.

Angel of Love

Your heart is filled with love
when you are true and pure,
you will give a lot
and then give some more.

Love is shared with honesty
joy and true words,
your hearts are focussed on giving
without accepting rewards.

For all the love you've given
from your heart today,
know that God and the Angels will love you
forever and always.

Created by Allysha-An