A Simple Life

 The simple things in life
they seem to make me grin.
When I lived on the edge -
the spots I would get in!
Some things I would forget,
some things I would ignore -
thought I was getting ahead.
What was I running for?
It's lovely things these days
to which I devote my time.
Today my life has purpose,
rhythm and a rhyme.
It's a crazy world out there.
There's so much we do not know.
We must always plant new seeds -
allow new ideas to grow.
All this will take some time -
we can't always move so fast.
Should savor every moment -
as long as it will last.
I've learned a special lesson -
one I'd love to share with you -
it's the simple things that count,
in everything we do.

Bryon D. Howell