My Great Grandpop, My Angel

When I was about five years old I had gotten very sick. I wasn't breathing right and usually when I was sleeping I would stop breathing, so my parents didn't get any sleep for days!! They took me to atleast five doctors and only two found something wrong with me. The doctors that found it said it was hard to find it and it was least expected.

There was something clogging an artery or something like that. I remember three days before the surgery I kept praying every night( I had this poem that my great grandma made for me). The night before my surgery, I read it three times (for when i started reading it until now), then I heard someone saying Samantha. It was the most beautiful voice I have ever heard before. The person looked pretty old even though I couldn't see its face, i could see it had glaases though. He was wearing a flantel button-up shirt and khaki's. The clothes had paint all over them. Anyway, he said to me," I know your scared and you want this to go away, but it can't. It's something the doctors have to do. But believe me I will be watching over you." I had no clue what so ever to say so I just kept looking at him. The next day I had my surgery and everything went perfect. When I woke up after the surgery my whole family was there. They brought me balloons flowers and a lot of pictures of my family so I wouldn't feel lonely.

There was one that caught my eye. It was a picture of my great grandma with a man wearing the same paint clothes as the man that visited me. I started to cry and asked my mom who that was and she said it was my great grandpop. I asked why I never knew him until now. Everyone in the room stopped and looked at me and I told them I saw him last night. They all started to laugh and I started to laugh with them because something told me to keep my mouth shut so I did.

Everyone told me that he died a week after I was born and that he loved me even though i was just born. The night before he died he told me he would be watching me forever, that's what my mom said. No one knows about me and my great grandpop encounter until now!!