White Ball

Hi my name is Bob and after three years of being in AA I got into a relationship with this woman. After about a year it ended by her abandoning me. So I went to counseling because I was so devastated.

During counseling I was told I had some acoa issues to deal with if I was ever to heal. After about a year of dealing with my childhood issues I was going to bed when the fan I put on stopped and this white ball came zigzagging down to the foot of my bed. Then it materialized into a spirit which had my fathers face yet it shined. Then this spirit ever so gently grabbed both my wrists and pulled back as to help me let go of something that I was holding on to with allot of strength. I'm still not sure what it was that I was holding on too I think it had to do with the issues I was dealing with but I'm not sure. Then the fan started back up (it was a hot summers night) and the spirit was gone no words were spoken just what I told you.

I now have 11 years of sobriety and in my spiritual progress I'm starting to read allot about Angels I never really gave them much thought until recently and I'm almost convinced now that the spirit that visited me that summer night was an angel maybe my guardian angel I don't know but the more I read about them the more I'm convinced they're real.