Back in 1986 I was flying home from Los Angeles and I fell asleep on the plane. I dreamed of the family dog I grew up with. Her name was pepper, A stray my brother brought home ten years before. In this dream I was standing in an airplane hangar and there was a fog on the ground and the sound of many dogs barking. I could see many tails in the mist going back and forth wagging and happy.

Then the mist parted and Pepper came running up to me. And she spoke to me, "I love you dodie,.. goodbye". I tried to talk to her but she was gone as quickly as she came. I woke up as I was landing at the airport. Thinking it was a strange dream,I went about my business. The next day I told my Mother about the dream. I asked my mom how Pepper was doing, and she gave me this astonished look and said " Your brother didn't tell you that Pepper passed away last week?" We both sat there in stunned silence. I cried later that day but I figure Pepper wanted to let me know she was ok and in heaven.

I miss her. But I know she is alright