Kind Samaritan

About 10 years ago my, then 72 year old, mother was in Paris (France) and the lady she was with got drunk and subsequently both of them missed the flight back to Ireland. My mother, who is quite a simple country woman, and a non-drinker became extremely distressed as she is not an experienced traveler and was in France with a relative stranger who had arranged the trip. With her traveling companion incapacitated and in a state of panic my mother left the hotel and began to stop people in the street and asking them for help.

She has absolutely no spoken French. Many people in the crowded Parisian boulevard walked on not understanding what she was saying but eventually a well-dressed man stopped who could understand English and assisted both of them and their flights back to Ireland. He turned out to be a bilingual pilot from Air France.

My mother was embarrassed and sheepish when she returned home and told the family about her experience as we had never met her traveling companion before and all of her previous trips and visits had been well organized and prepared.

She has quite a "simple" faith but believes that in France her Guardian Angel protected her from harm and that Divine intervention allowed that kind Samaritan stranger to come out of a sea of people to assist her. What are the chances of meeting, by chance, a pilot when you are in a foreign country and in trouble?

Best wishes from Belfast,