Hand Upon My Head

I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I had just been furloughed from a company, where I thought I could retire from comfortably, after five years of service. I was separated and soon to be divorced. I had a young daughter to provide for. I had been asking God to come into my life to help me.

A job opened up in another state, three hundred miles from my daughter and parents. Normally, I would have never considered such a move, but, felt it was necessary.

I rented an apartment in a very small town, moved in the few belongings that I had, and started the new job. Every night, I would cry out to God, proclaiming Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and asking for guidance. I was extremely depressed and had a difficult time. Even thoughts of taking my life entered the picture.

One bright, sunny, Saturday morning, I awoke to the ominous feeling of a presence in my room. Lying on my stomach, diagonally across the bed, I could sense someone or something behind me. My normal reaction would have been to jump out of bed and confront this intruder, however, I could not move! It was though I was paralyzed, not from fear, I just couldn't move! I was not panicked in any way, in fact I was quite calm and amazed myself of that fact. Suddenly, I felt what could only be described as a large hand, cradling the back of my head, much the same as my father did when I was a child, much the same as I had done with my daughter. There was no possible way that a human could have done so without kneeling on the bed, or standing directly in front of me, in my sight!

From that point on, I knew, first-hand, that God was present and working in my life. I then began trusting in him and allowing the difficulties in my life to be worked out. Several months later, I quit the job, moved back home with no job to go to, and found one, a good one, within a month!

There are still moments that occur in my life that cause feelings of hurt, betrayal, etc., but I always think back to that awesome moment when God laid his hand upon my head!