Little Angel

This isn't a story but a poem I have written following the sudden death of 
my 10 week old son recently. I believe he is the guardian angel of his twin brother. 

I was given an angel, To cherish and love, So tiny, so perfect, A gift from above. When I looked at his face It was calmness I found, And that peace seemed to spread To all he was around. His love touched my heart Like fine threads of spun gold, And I'd thank God for giving This angel to hold. But I did not know then That time was my foe, And too soon, with a whisper, My angel did go. My heart almost breaking, A touch soft as lace Seemed to wipe at the hurt As it coursed down my face. I still have my angel To cherish and love, Those gold threads now shimmer From Heaven above. And though I can't see him Or cuddle him tight, I won't say goodbye, Little Angel, goodnight.