I Wasn't Dreaming

I grew up in a Christian home, at an early age I began to see Angels in my room at night. They mostly would stand and watch over me. My brother had gone to Mardi Gras one year and he gave me some beads with a Crown Royal emblem on it. One night I was awakened and saw an Angel pointing to the emblem. It wasn't until I looked up Mardi Gras in the dictionary that I began to understand what the Angel was trying to tell me.

My husband got saved about a year ago. Shortly after I was lying in bed asleep when I felt something tugging at my shoulder. When I awoke I saw an Angel jumping up and down dancing.

I have seen many angels in my life time but the thing that stays on my mind the most is the most recent one. I was lying in bed one night when I was suddenly awakened. I tried to move my body and I could not. I looked at the foot of my bed and saw this thing standing there, he had a black cape and his face was almost white as a ghost. He reminded me of the devil on Tribulation Force, I tried to scream and it was like I was paralyzed; I began to pray and repeat, "Jesus help me, over and over".

Then he was gone ..just like that. To this day I have not figured out why this thing was in my room.

Sincerely, Diana