How does a heart as black as I
appear to see a light in the sky.
Hear from afar- something from the past.
Are they coming hear; and are they coming fast?
Slips from a dream that I cannot see.
Is it true- that everything was meant to be?
Lost in the eyes- a thing untold.
When will it be, that Life will unfold?
(A ring of perpetual motion)
Confused eyes see
Of oceanic decor
Adore spring opens
Rich summer wine drips
Breaking of bread swim like fish
Hopeful rhythm scene
Night of falling leaf
Spinning downwards on the ground
Resting on the path
Snowflake pearl of light
Melt like water in fire sun
One spring to barren
And rest...
- a poem written by C.J.G. 
(a.k.a. The Patriot) over the course of time -