Save Us

I was about 3 miles from home trying to get to the baby sitters that I was already late for, when a voice not my own in my mind said to put on my seat belt, which without a doubt in my mind I did. It was such a strong feeling I could not ignore it. So I was coming up on my house just off the highway, I knew I had to check to see if my husband was home, if he was I knew he had already picked the kids up, I slowed just enough to see if his car was there and it wasn't which meant that I had to go get the kids. When I went to speed back up I saw a car veering off the road to avoid hitting the truck that was waiting for me to pass so he could make his turn, the car had already hit the ditch and was heading right for me, my first reaction was to hit the brakes. But that same voice said no gas, so I hit the gas as hard as I could and watched in my rear view mirror to my amazement the car missed my rear bumper by inches I pulled off the road and sat there for a few minutes and realized that if I had hit the brakes we would have hit head on and if I didn't have on my seatbelt I would have went thru the windshield. Wows there are angels watching over us and I thank them everyday. The lord does send his angels to save us and protect.