Saved By An Angel

One cloudy Friday afternoon in the fall of 1991, I was coming home from college in Alabama. My twin brother was driving our Chevrolet pickup truck. I was riding in the passenger front seat.It had been a long week of school and we were both tired.Since we had an hour drive home from Selma to Clanton,I decided to lay my head over against the passenger window and rest. My brother was very drowsy and soon fell asleep.My twin brother managed to drive 1/4 of a mile asleep drifting into the north bound lane.Seconds before hitting head on with an 18 wheeler, An angel hit me on my right shoulder waking me up.I say "hit" because it was so much more than a tap. I can still feel it when I close my eyes. All I had time to yell was "Jesus". My brother awakened and swerved our truck to the left shoulder. It was too late, the transfer truck hit my passenger side from our front bumper through where I was lying against the glass.

As it seemed to go by in slow motion, I remember the silence and how their was no impact, no sound. All I could say was "Did we just get hit by that truck". Our truck was a total mangled mess. Undrivable! The man in the truck jumped out and ran to see if we were ok. He kept saying "I was always taught in driving to school to stay in my lane, but something forced my steering wheel into the other lane and I am so glad it did cause you wouldn't be here otherwise. The Police officer showed me where the truck made impact with our pickup. It was an 1/8 of an inch from being a "head on impact".

17 years later, as I tell this amazing story to my children I still wonder why no impact, no sound. Until, my 12 year old son said "Dad, didn't the angel hit you on your right shoulder?" Yes, I said. "That's where the angel was the whole time, taking the blow of the impact, protecting you so that you can be my Dad and be here today" My life has never been the same since. Psalms 91:11-12 "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. Chris from Alabama.