Madonna on the Ridge

I've had quite a few unexplained experiences, the first when my brother Dan was in Vietnam. I was doing routine ironing, and I heard my brothers voice calling for my mother. I couldn't figure it out...and when I asked other family members in the room if they heard anything, they said, "No". We later discovered that Dan had been wounded on the same day. He made it home from Vietnam and is okay.

When my husband worked in the coal mines, he was on midnight shift. I was sleeping and had heard someone call my name, and I woke up. I wasn't sure just why, but I got dressed, fixed my hair quickly, and sat by the telephone. When it rang, I asked, "How bad is he hurt?" The boss at the mines said, "Well, we're not sure yet. The roof of the mines caved in on him, and we just sent him to the hospital." I got in the car and went husband had his chest crushed, and various other injuries. I don't know how I knew, if an angel is what woke me...but I just knew to be up and ready to go to my husband.

I had a very good friend who passed away from breast cancer at a very young age. After she passed away, my family went on a fishing trip a few months later. It was a very remote area, no towns, no churches, no civilization. Both my oldest daughter (who was very close to Karen as well) and I just happened to look at the top of a ridge that we were driving along. At the same time, both my daughter and I said, "Look!!" At the top of the ridge, was a Madonna standing with her arms outstretched.

My friend Karen was Catholic, we are not. This happened shortly after Karen passed away. My husband and other daughter, who were also in the car, kept saying, "What do you see?" They did not see anything. I asked my oldest daughter, who was about 10 at the time, "What do you see?" And she replied, "A lady in white, at the top of the hill, she has her arms out to us." As we watched, the Madonna simply disappeared. The vision had been there for several minutes, and only Jamie and I could see her.

A few days after the vision, I had a dream in which my friend Karen visited me. She assured me that she was fine, that she had been very aware that she was so sick and that her husband had been sleeping with the babysitter responsible for caring for her two young children. I had no idea that this had gone on. A few months later, a neighbor confirmed that indeed, her husband had slept with the babysitter....information I would not have even suspected if Karen had not told me in the dream. Strange...but very true!!

I had another friend, Dee, who passed away on Christmas Eve Day, 1997. Almost a year now. The night she passed away, I was sleeping and woke from a sound sleep with a feeling of horrible dread. I was crying and could not stop. I told my husband, "Something has happened to someone I love." Within a short time, the phone rang and Dee's son relayed the news, that my beloved friend had passed away during the night. It was the same time I had awakened.

There are other exerience that I have had which would take up too much space on this site of postings. These are just some that quickly come to mind. I don't know or understand how or why thse connections are made...but I do understand that we need to fully love, appreciate, and enjoy those close to our hearts while we are still able to let them know we love them.

One final experience and I'll send this along. When my first granddaughter, Lisa, was born, I was in the delivery room for her birth. At the moment she was born, the entire room was filled with a bright, white, very peaceful light. It was amazing.. and I later asked those also in the room if they noticed anything. They said, "No". Since then, I've been in the delivery room for the birth of 5 more grandchildren...and none has repeated the experience of the bright, white light. It was simply beautiful!!!

Sincerely, Carol